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this week - 03

On my way back home from Copenhagen, with the Python community at the front of my mind. - Jan. 21, 2024
  • Microsoft Data Science Day CFP closes Jan 25th
  • Spent the week in Copenhagen with the Python Software Foundation Board to do our strategic planning. Some themes that came up:
    • Sustaining initiatives with staff expertise
    • Methods of communication and efficiency among board and Working Groups
      • PSF Grants Working Group process and visibility
      • PSF Diversity and Inclusion Work Group process and visibility
    • Equity, inclusion and transparency
    • Creating a story for Accessibility
    • Python …

this week - 02

Running out of energy this week. I should probably plan some goals for 2024 and prioritize my workload. - Jan. 8, 2024

this week - 01

Bringing in the new year. - Jan. 3, 2024
  • Two peer-mentorship meetings
  • Projects
  • Python Development
    • Added Tailwind / NodeJS Build to Azure Python App Service