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<3 Pycon tweets, toots & OHs

PyCon 2023

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Quotes and social posts from PyCon 2023

There's a lot of conversation and chatter that has happened this week. Here are a few fun parts of my convos or that I've overheard:


Although, I personally disagree with this... I got a little chuckle:

OH: When in doubt, add an iframe.


soooo... where are the black people?

A few days later... HERE:


In regards to Carol Willing, Will McGugan, Russell Keith McGee and Charlie R. Marsh being big names in our community receiving funding for building Python tools :

OH person 1: I love seeing seeing open source projects get paid!
OH person 2: How does VC funding work? I usually imagine it happening pitching to guys in blazers, but it's probably more like guys in $100 tshirts right?
OH person 1: Probably more like guys in $400 dollar tshirts.