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Talks and Podcasts

May 20, 2021, 6:04 p.m.

May 20, 2021

Exploring if a GatsbyJS progressive web app generator frontend with a headless Wagtail backend could be a solution for small-sized clients and personal projects when I want to "whip something up" quickly without sacrificing design, performance/hosting costs, user or site editor experience (Can I have it all)? Gatsby ( is a open source framework based on React. Wagtail ( is a Django CMS with LOTS of cool features for content creators, and "plays nicely with everything else in your tech stack" because its built on and easily integrates with all uses of Python.

I am a JavaScript and Python consultant and used this stack to host a project near to my heart: At The Root: The AntiRacist Ethical Source License. In this talk I dive into a little code, a lot of cool features, and some important ways Open Source Engineers can contribute to the accessibility and accountability of their communities. Other versions of this talk have been given in Python meetups and Pycon Australia with more an emphasis on the developer experience. I hope to give you a primer on what your stack can do with for your projects when you jump into communities that put accessibility at its forefront without sacrificing cool tech.

Learn about:

  • Static Site Generators
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Python for the web
  • React
  • Content Management Systems / Blogs / Client Managed Sites
  • Ethical Licenses for Open Code
  • GraphQL
  • "headless" backends

Django Chat Podcast

Super fun episode with Carlton Gibson and William Vincent where I discuss my journey to consulting, being a "community taught" engineer, my work in React and Gatsby, and the Antiracist Ethical Source License.
#CauseAScene Podcast

I had the absolute privilege of being Kim Crayton's final guest on her podcast #CauseAScene. We waxed philosophical about whether or not we use Black Girl Magic, is colonialism and capitalism inextricably linked to tech, who leads the movement and why the answer is US!

JUNE 21, 2018

This talk has taken a few forms over the years. Its firm form began as an introduction to how different "dinosaurs" can learn Wagtail. Borrowing from the fun and playful characters in A Land Before Time (1988), this talk originally given at Wagtail Space 2018 in Philadelphia, looks at the archetypes / "personalities" of people who participate in the Open Source community and how they seek to interact at-large.

This talk is for projects that would like to grow from dozens of users to hundreds, a handful of contributors to dozens, and provide friction reducing methods for learning and sharing in Open Source. We will look at the ecosystems of React / ECMAScript PWA communities, Wagtail and other Python projects, and Ruby on Rails comparatively (with helpful visual aides) and how they reduce the friction for adoption and contribution through starter tutorials, fun incentive programs, intuitive documentation, assistive tools, and partnerships all with _real_ examples of how to be proactive with successful stories. A healthy community is empathetic, welcoming and diverse. Have fun with the Apprentice-Rex, the Fail-Fast-adon and other dinosaur friends, as we learn how they navigate new engineering projects on the way to seek the oasis known as the Great Valley.