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PSF Board Elections 2023

Sustaining, Managing and Contributing Members, and Fellows can vote in Python Software Foundation Elections. There are four seats ending their term 2023.


You know, it'd be really cool if you voted.

To see the PSF Membership FAQ go to

Q. When are the 2023 PSF Board Elections?


  • Nominations are open, Thursday, June 1st, 2:00 pm UTC
  • Board Director Nomination cut-off: Thursday, June 15, 11:59 pm UTC
  • Voter application cut-off date: Thursday, June 15, 11:59 pm UTC
  • Announce candidates: Friday, June 16th
  • Voting start date: Tuesday, June 20, 2:00 pm UTC
  • Voting end date: Friday, June 30, 11:59 pm UTC

To read more, read the blog post: Python Software Foundation News: PSF Board Election Dates for 2023 (

Q. How many positions are open?

Four open seats on the board. You can see who is on the board currently here. (Dustin Ingram, Jeff Triplett, Nina Zakharenko and Thomas Wouters are at the end of their current terms.)

Q. I'm signing up to be a member of the PSF for the first time, what should I know?

There are two locations that your Python membership duties lie and it's important to sign up for both and

  • Second if you are a Managing or Contributing Member, and have not signed up for a before, make sure you create an account there and email to connect the two accounts.

TLDR on voting members:
Supporting Members can donate on a sliding scale to be one step above basic membership (non voting) and will fill out this supporting member's landing page where you can donate $99 or a sliding scale. Managing Member or Contributing Member donate at least 5 hours per month contributing to a Python project or organizing a Python group and will fill out this PSF Managing/Contributing Member form.

Q. I think I registered as a member, but I can't remember my membership level? How do I check?

You'll want to check at

It's easy to forget because we do this once per year around election time, but the Managing/Contributing member form does not take you to so to make sure your two accounts are in sync you can email PSF-donations at python dot org with questions. We are working on new membership systems that will streamline this process and the PSF staff are excellent at identifying ways we can make membership easier. We care very much about this process. Feel free to talk to me about any issues you have.

Q. Can I be at the Sustaining Membership level (donating money instead of time) if I don’t have $99 USD?

This is the first @thepsf election since adding the sliding scale membership for sustaining members! $99 is still available & highly encouraged for one year as a sustaining member. Where $99 USD is too much, the sliding scale goes as low as $25 USD!

Check out supporting member's landing page where you can find the form to either donate $99 USD or a sliding scale going as low as $25 USD.

To learn more about the new sliding scale membership and why we decided to change membership fees, please visit: Python Software Foundation News: Introducing a New Sliding Scale Membership (

Q. What does the Python Software Foundation Board do?

WIP - I am currently writing a thoughtful response. I will be updating this blog post soon.

This is the main place we go to do most of our Python activities.
Python_dot_orgScreenshot 2023-05-17 105059.png

psfmember_Screenshot 2023-05-17 111956.png
You can do either sliding scale starting at $25 USD (new) or $99 USD.

Q. Should I be a basic member if I don't donate my time and I don't have the money to donate?

Yes! Python has recently been named one of the top, fastest growing programming language. Yes, we can get statistics about this by searching StackOverflow, GitHub and other code repositories, checking PyPI, and monitoring Python installs -- all of which are publicly available and leave the industry with the same conclusion: Python is great -- but we basic membership numbers is an indicator of the size of the capital "C" Community, who desire to interact with the PSF. How we can best help your Python goals? The least invasive way to be represented in this group is by being a Basic PSF Member.

Q. What do you see for the future of the PSF?

`WIP - I am currently writing a thoughtful response. I will be updating this blog post soon.`

Q. What are ways to get involved with contributing Python?

`WIP - I am currently writing a thoughtful response. I will be updating this blog post soon.`

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