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this week - 03

  • Microsoft Data Science Day CFP closes Jan 25th
  • Spent the week in Copenhagen with the Python Software Foundation Board to do our strategic planning. Some themes that came up:
    • Sustaining initiatives with staff expertise
    • Methods of communication and efficiency among board and Working Groups
      • PSF Grants Working Group process and visibility
      • PSF Diversity and Inclusion Work Group process and visibility
    • Equity, inclusion and transparency
    • Creating a story for Accessibility
    • Python leading in language usage growth and impact. The PSF supports CPython and its' ecosystem. How to facilitate collaboration and continue to address gaps: ie. service and stewardship.
    • PSF Board elections and membership process and support
    • The PSF Board prioritizes consensus, this is my chief focus as Chair of the Board. It's been an honor to serve in this capacity.
      • Will I run for Chair again in 24-25, my last year on this board term?
      • Will I run for the board again in 25?
      • What are my goals for my last year of my term on the board?

If you have thoughts on Accessibility in Python, providing services for marginalized communities, Python Work Groups and its processes, Python membership and election processes, please reach out to me via email