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Speaking at Wagtail Space

Honored to have spoken at Wagtail's first US conference in Philadelphia. As an active member to my coding communities, its a fitting moment to think about what my role in my community will be. What have I gained by being a participant and what is my community can gaining from me?

At the end of the article in tiny tiny print, I will have the link to the recording of my talk.

Coming Soon

Ramping Up On An Existing Codebase

The Ins and Outs of Working on An Existing Application

Take your new MVC application by the reigns quickly. If you're like me, you seek methodologies to approach your projects in order to be efficient, and most importantly get to the fun stuff: code.

Coming Soon

Wagtail + gatsbyJS

Exploring a New Stack

Code available on my github repository. In this tutorial I will be walking you through my experience using Wagtail and being newly introduced to gatsby. By the end you will have a working blog application with headless Wagtail and gatsbyJS.

Coming Soon